Those who love babbling on about millennials’ narcissism, sense of entitlement, or ungodly love of selfie sticks are missing out on the big picture: These are the people forever transforming the world of home ownership.how buying a house has changed

Older millennials, in fact, are now the biggest group of first-time buyers. It’s a brave, new world! If you’re part of it and thinking about buying your own place, you might naturally turn to Mom and/or Dad for advice. Good call. But be aware that things have changed quite a bit since they bought their first home—you know, the one you grew up in, stealthily sneaked into at 2 a.m. as a teen, and finally escaped as an honest-to-God adult.

But exactly how much have things changed, really? To find out, we decided to compare the home-buying and ownership experience today with back when your parents bought their first place in the ’80s—a time when twee floral patterns were all the rage, “Sesame Street” was still on free TV, and Apple’s best-known product was … applesauce.

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